• Pool Painting Myths: Busted

    There seem to be a few strange myths surrounding pool painting that we feel absolutely need to be busted. After all, these have little myths have a nasty habit of making us believe in them…

    You don’t have to drain your pool before painting

    We’re not quite sure where this doozy comes from, but it’s pretty ridiculous sounding, right? Wet paint and water aren’t exactly known pals… Of course you have to drain your pool and let it dry out completely to ensure the best bond between your pool and the paint.

    All paints are made equal

    Pool paint has been developed to live happily spending its life submerged in water, so it’s important to buy good quality pool paint. Any standard paint off the shelf will begin peeling within a month of application – what a waste of time and money!

    Any paint roller will do

    We wish it were so simple! How do you feel about a hairy pool? Yeah, us too. We recommend looking for a roller that has a solvent resistant core with a 3/8 nap. Basically the nap if the length of the fibres on the roller and the solvent resistant core will prevent the roller from falling apart. Most hardware stores should stock these.

    It’s already painted so I don’t need to prep

    Prepping the surface for painting is the most important step in the painting process. The prep coatings are strong and durable because they chemically bond with the previous layer of paint, so adding them ensure longevity of your paint job.