• Give your hard-working pool some TLC

    Summer’s over and your pool might be looking a little worse-for-wear. Nothing to worry about- this just means you’ve gotten your money’s worth over the hot period and it is time for a bit of good ‘ole pool-lovin’ to ensure it will be just as enjoyable next summer! A fresh coat of paint at the end of the season is a great way to spoil your pool and ensure it stays in tip-top condition.

    Firstly, you’ll want to pick the right paint for your pool. If you want the paint to last the distance, preferably a decade or so, then you’ll need to carefully select what’s best for your pool. If your pool was previously painted with Epoxy, you’ll want to choose that again. The same goes for rubber-based paints. If you’re not sure which paint was used last time because it was a long time ago or someone else completed it, chip off a couple of small pieces of paint and rub them with various solvents. The ones that start to dissolve under the right solvents will indicate which paint was used.

    If your budget allows for us, you can switch from chlorinated rubber to Epoxy paint. While rubber paint is more budget-friendly and offers good chemical resistance against chemicals, acids and alkalis, it’s not as long lasting as Epoxy paint. If you’re unsure, speak to one of our consultants – it could be worth making the extra investment!

    Then you’ll need to plan your painting day. You’ll need to drain your pool and let it dry out completely before tackling a paint job and then give it time to dry out completely before refilling it. We recommend taking advantage of one of those surprise hot days that Autumn blesses us with every year to give it the best chance of drying before those cold, rainy days set in.

    So check out our online selection and get ready to drain your pool for a day of painting. We deliver straight to your door so that you can get started sooner.